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EasyBookingGroup is collaborating with Nitro Circus in Nice

- Tuesday 16 June 2015

Easy Boat Booking are proud to be collaborating with Travis Pastrana and the Nitro Circus Cast and Crew for the filming of their new television series on NBC Sports.

They will be filming along the French Riviera for their new show documenting their Global Tour on NBC Sports. Nitro Circus have an interesting history with the main guy behind all of it Travis PastranaHe is a well known motocross and supercross racer and stunt performer, who has had many successes in Motocross des Nations, Red Bull Motocross Events and even has been the 4x Rally American Champion!

Nitro Circus has evolved from an idea with a small group of individuals in a garage of Utah in 2003 filming their skills on DVDs, to a hit-show on MTV, a film ( Nitro Circus 3D ) released globally and to now being a renown followed tour worldwide documenting friendship, sport and fearlessness.
Nitro Circus is now bigger than ever, with the athletes and their crew taking the world by storm this year on their tour across Europe, North America, Asia, Australia and New Zealand!

When the group addressed us with their ideas of filming on the French Riviera, we of course were on board with plenty of ideas to show the unique sense of fun and friendship between the athletes whilst on tour. We are happy to collaborate with both the cast and crew to film something special!

If you would like to watch the show in Nice on 24th June at the Allianz Riviera Football Stadium, where they will be filming their tour with us, book tickets directly through their website or other reliable ticket outlets.
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